Tasty snacks for a drink in between

The Snaqs range contains delicious products based on vegetables, fruit, seaweed, rice and not ten. From seaweed crackers and puffed rice snacks to crunchy vegetable and fruit snacks. Tasty as snack, on the snack board and as ingredients for special dishes!

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Florus’ Taste queeste

Snaqs originate from Florus Zwartbol's personal quest for tasty snacks. Innovation and entrepreneurship were the driving forces for this quest. Traveling to Asia, tasting local dishes and conversations with local chefs and entrepreneurs were the source of inspiration for the surprising snacks from Snaqs.

More about Snaqs

Do you want to surprise your guests with Snaqs delicacies? Then put one of our mixes on the table, create a nice cocktail board with our tasty snacks or turn our snacks into a delicious starter or side dish.

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