Tasty snacks for drinks or in between

Do you want to surprise your guests with Snaqs delicacies? Then put one of our mixes on the table, create a nice cocktail board with our tasty snacks or turn our snacks into a delicious starter or side dish. Snaqs are a nice addition to the healthy snack board in addition to, for example, olives, snack tomatoes and cucumber.

Tasty snacks for drinks or in between

Florus’ taste queeste 

Snaqs originated from Florus Zwartbol's personal quest for tasty snacks. Innovation and entrepreneurship were the driving forces for this quest. Traveling to Asia, tasting local dishes and conversations with local chefs and entrepreneurs were the source of inspiration for the surprising snacks from Snaqs.


Waste counteract

A considerable percentage of harvested fruit and vegetables do not have the desired shape and we call "ugly" and "misfits". Farmers often cost money to dispose of these types of products. With Snaqs we want to use these visually imperfect but otherwise excellent products correctly. This way you can enjoy a tasty snack and partly prevent waste.

Crunchy fruits & vegetables

Unique in the Snaqs assortment are the crunchy fruits & vegetables, like as delicious crispy beans, radish, cauliflower and self strawberries. Thanks to a unique process, in which the fruit and vegetables are vacuum fried at a low temperature, the fruit and vegetables are transformed into a surprising tasty snack. At the same time they are gluten-free and suited for a vegan diet!


frequently asked questions

Where are the snaqs made?

The seaweed, vegetables and fruit  are produced in our own locations in Kapelle, Netherlands. 

Are the snaqs vegan?

Yes, almost all of the Snaqs are vegan. You can read more information in our assortment overview

Can everyone sell the snaqs?

We cooperation with the out of order from Floor Foods BV determine use assortment and pricing.

Where can I use with snaqs?

Our Snaqs are often used for drinks, but our items are also very suitable as a garnish for dinner, salad topping or trendy snacks